The Luvanex "Deputy Landlord" Program

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Earn up to 14% ROI

Become A Deputy Landlord

With as low as ₦1,000,000

Become A Luvanex Deputy Landlord

A Deputy Landlord is an investor who finances Tenancy Loans on behalf of a borrower thereby taking on the attributes of the owner of the property as an investor while earning monthly returns.

By being a Luvanex Deputy Landlord, you no longer have to wait to gather a fortune in order to invest in real estate. With Luvanex Deputy Landlord program, we allow you to pool with others in order to finance a small bit of a big property and you earn returns on rental income on the property.

Property & REITs

At Luvanex, we understand and know how necessary it is to invest in real assets, so we created this program to help you invest in real estate with as little as ₦1,000,000 - ₦3,000,000 capital.

We can spread your investment across various borrowers loans within the rental program with professional management. We have analysed and created a collection of profitable real estate ventures in Nigeria, that provide sustainable returns.

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Some of the benefits you'll enjoy when you become a Luvanex Deputy Landlord are:

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    Guaranteed extra source of income.

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    A secure & protected investment scheme.

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    Earn up to 14% ROI

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    Very profitable compared to other investment schemes.

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    Transparent transactions

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    Monthly payouts of investment returns and capital.

  • Luvanex Deputy Landlord +14%



    Payout(₦) Monthly


    ROI + Capital


    12 Months

How it works

At Luvanex we spread your investment to various borrower loans. Rather than funding a whole loan, you buy chunks corresponding to multiple loans. Borrowers then make monthly payments of both principal and interests.

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After we confirm your investment, the countdown to your first payment with returns will be updated.

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Pay off

Your invested funds plus interest accrued will be credited to your bank account monthly

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Get a monthly pay back on your investment with a 14% ROI.

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