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A Deputy Landlord is an investor who finances Tenancy Loans on behalf of a borrower thereby taking on the attributes of the owner of the property as an investor while earning monthly returns.

Yes, we make sure that each investment listing on Luvanex Deputy Landlord comes with its own protection and coverage.

When investing, the minimum amount of investment is ₦1,000,000

All investment opportunities listed on Luvanex Mortgage are pre-vetted for maximum safety. We carry out due diligence on all investment partners.

Insurance coverage varies by investment opportunities

You can fund your investment using your debit card or bank transfer.

Your interest is paid monthly.

We don't handle taxation. You, however, are liable to disclose your earnings and pay your taxes as stipulated by the government.

Yes, you can. However, to liquidate, you will need to trade the units you have already acquired with other existing investors or potential new investors.