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For your initial pre-qualification we'll ask questions about your income, assets, credit history and employment. In addition, you will be required to pay a minimal fee to cover the cost of verifying your details.
Once you start the application process we'll need to verify the information you gave us with specific documentation, such as your last two years of income tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs and documents pertaining to other personally owned real estate. You'll receive notification in writing of required documentation needed to obtain a final approval. In some cases, our Underwriting Department may request additional information.

Those who are seeking to rent an apartment.

Rental loans, Secured savings platforms amongst others.

Individuals above 20, Institutions, Cooperative societies, Corporate Organisations and Joint venture developers.


Our goal is to have your loan ready for closing as soon as possible! Generally the items that take the longest to receive are things such as the appraisal and the title work and the conditions that you need to provide us with. We’ll want to get the appraisal and title work ordered as soon as possible to avoid any delays. If you are purchasing a new home, we’ll do our best to meet the date you and the seller have agreed upon.

Loans for renting apartments.

Loan payments are based on the loan amount, the loan interest rate, tenor of the loan, age of borrower.

No, we don't finance cars for now only properties

Yes, your agents can sort properties for you.