Our Humble Beginnings

Our Journey so far

Luvanex was created in February 2007 out of a passion and desire to help Real Estate Investors. Since inception, our service offerings have grown to touch on the most vital operations an average real estate investor will experience over the course of their investment career. Our goal is to simplify these experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant (evictions) and ensure we get your investment properties income producing year-round.

More About Luvanex Builds

The idea for Luvanex Builds first came up in May 2017 when our management team at Luvanex Group realized that most of our U.S based Nigerian clients all had one thing in common – they were all building back home. 90% of these clients also had a singular complaint; the sad fact that they sent funds back home to relatives and friends to help them build or at the very least oversee the building projects they had embarked on. Upon taking impromptu trips back home to check out the progress of their building projects they realized funds had been siphoned elsewhere and their projects had been abandoned to starve. This had caused the death of many friendships and relationships, as there was clearly a breach of trust on one end.

We began to proffer solutions to protect our most valuable clients. We pondered on several questions. Could we stand in the gap and offer the accountability services lacking in Nigeria? What checks and balance measures could we put in place to protect our clients? And how do we go about executing them given the Nigerian factor.
After a series of conversations and delegations we began to assemble a power packed team of players to help deliver an unequivocal service.
Our team of lawyers, architects, engineers, project managers and property managers bring a combined value of over 10 years in the real estate industry to the table.
We channel this knowledge, expertise and time into working hard to deliver the results our clients want to see.

Luvanex Builds

Damola A.Adelakun

Founder & CEO - Luvanex Group of Companies

Meet Our CEO

Damola is the founder of Luvanex Group of Companies with eleven(11) year experience managing over $25million of Real Estate Assets for international investors in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the visionary behind Luvanex Builds Nigeria, a subsidiary of the U.S Parent Company, Luvanex Group as well as The Luvanex Foundation. Damola is a seasoned Real Estate Investor, a licensed Real Estate Broker, an accomplished Serial Entrepreneur, a devout Christian, Husband & Father, and an avid World Traveler. He is highly skilled in the art of negotiations, project management, business strategy development and execution. He is a true visionary with a deeply rooted love for solving the most critical problems Africa faces. He has pioneered and engineered the growth of several real estate related businesses in the international scene of various countries inclusive of the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Dubai, China and Nigeria. Damola holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University with a concentration in International Business. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the previously named Southern Poly State University now officially known as Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Luvanex Private Mortgage

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Facilitate mortgage origination and servicing by privatizing and simplifying this process for the upwardly mobile community.

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Bridge the gap between the middle income strata of society looking to purchase dream homes to start and sustain their families with individuals who can afford to finance this dream/ambition at a reasonable premium.

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Open up new investment channels to High Net worth Individuals by leveraging the financial opportunities that abound in the mortgage industry to build predictable recurring income.